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The ritual 121 is an element of white magic. This means that it has no possibility of causing harm to another person. This is the only way, to help yourself and your happiness. White magic has one sole purpose – to assist, give support and protection klątwami and adverse energy.

Candle light banishes the evil forces, protects from klątwami and ensures the well-being. Their glow is accompanied by many important events of our lives. As in rituals associated with faith, such as Baptism, Communion, Chrismation, as in secular events, for example, during birthdays, funerals and gala dinners.

Everybody had moments of doubt. Asked why he did not go out, things still happen to him unpleasant accidents accidental, and above him, opens a black cloud, which will soon throw ourselves from lightning. If you are looking for answers to their questions and doubts, and you think how to rid himself of the fear, get rid of the lucky, or to prevent another unexpected accidents – were perfect.

The answers to all your questions you will find in a magic ritual using candles. Their powerful, protective force will make it so that Your life will come again in safety, be calm and start flowing good energy. The intensity of the light passing from the candles, together with associated ritual practices is enormous. Has the ability to prevent nieszczęściom and any adverse accidental events, which in common parlance is called bad luck.

121 rituals with candle reverse action and their unusual strength

  • Ritual cleansing was not Lucky – it is a basic ritual that can only if you are firmly determined. You have to understand that any failures that still struck You, did not happen because of You or accidentally. It’s all the fault of bad energy, which is using certain charms on You pregnancy. Don’t let more to convince yourself that you’re a loser and it’s all Your fault. Long time to ward off evil forces and to do so in Your life proceeded only good energy. To get rid of bad luck once and for all!

  • The ritual of Bringing good Luck in Love, thanks to the energy flowing from the candle, you will have unobstructed opportunities zużytkowania this energy into his personal life. This ritual will bring You comfort and continued safety at heart. Love will be a great feeling that will never give You trouble.

  • Ritual of Attraction Money – a properly conducted ritual is the guarantor of success in finances. The time will come when it is not necessary to attach the budget to the last button, or moments, when once again we fail to win in the money game. The money will be lgnęły for You, just that you are using the good energy that flows from the glare of the candle.

  • Ritual to Secure a Health – designed for everyone, regardless of health status. It will help both people who suffer from serious diseases, like lung ailments, and even those who are models of health. The ritual is aimed at preventing diseases, as well as entry into condition. Will never need zamartwiania feeling unwell, headaches, or numerous and costly visits to doctors. It is enough to use the ritual and to get some good passing from the light of the candle.

  • Ritual Protection From Sudden accidents – contrary to the saying, what happens to get rid of any adversity. The ritual will make Your life safe, and, above all, will save You from sudden and unexpected incidents. From that moment they cease to escape the trap, you will feel peace and harmony.

Who is the candle of retroactivity 121?

 To fully use the power of the magic candle does not need to be an experienced witch or wróżem with years of experience. It does not require much training or learning Tarot is there ezoteryki. You don’t need to have supernatural powers or other magical abilities. Ritual 121 was created so that every person who is experiencing discomfort in everyday life can improve its quality. Quite a few steps to ward off evil powers and restore the harmony in your life. The product is intended for persons over 18 years who want to recover inner peace.

If you have financial problems – lost jobs, received promotions, the debtor still does not give You the amount borrowed, unlucky in games for money or suddenly fell on the additional costs – use the incredibly powerful ritual. His unusual power make it so that Your aura will be purified and You will feel a balance in life and everything will start to make colorful flowers!

The use of ritual odpędzającego all evil with the help of the candles is not only a great solution, it is, in principle, the only reasonable action that is necessary to get back to peace of mind. From the earliest years because the fire was considered sacred. He is credited with great power and relies on the practices and magical rituals.

The candle flame is the most powerful of the attributes of magic, and his special power comes from the fact that it combines the power of all four elements of the world, that is:

  • fire (flame),

  • water (melted wax),

  • air (smoke candles),

  • land (uosabianej through the wick).

Unlike the rest of the magical rites, rituals using candles work on the four planes. If you proceed correctly, the spell flows from the candles can overlap each other, and strengthen it.

Why 121 is unique and unrepeatable?

First is an original and unique composition – 121 consists of three elements:

And – Candle Reverse Action – each hand made from natural wax in two colors: in black, who drives away bad energy and improves the aura and white, which attracts luck and influences success in life.


The wick of the candle, impregnated with a mix of the most powerful protective herbs:

  • Mandrake, which has the force of gravity happiness and love;

  • barberry, which helps to get rid of bad influences and charms, imposed by someone hostile to us;

  • agrimony, which is exempt from bad luck and bad energy;

  • sage that protects from repeated attacks of impure forces.

These herbs protect us from the influences of evil charms. Shamans used them for centuries to ward off misfortune from their tribes and bring prosperity to the local peoples. Not without reason, attributed to them an extraordinary power that has for millennia played an important role not only in magic but also in herbalism and folk medicine.

II – a Spell of cleansing – formula created after the decoding of an ancient manuscript that accelerates bringing happiness and prosperity in all spheres of life. The spell helps to get rid of the negative energies that we gain from other people.

III – Guide to defense against the dark arts – a set of basic information about the ezoteryce and white magic. This is a practical book written in simple language which describes the basic rituals. These include rituals, Stripping no luck, attract good fortune in love, to ensure health and protection from sudden accidents.

Secondly, the high quality and safety

Candle is a manual with the highest quality standards. It contains natural ingredients that have a beneficial force.

The ritual is an element of white magic, which is the desire to do good and to send only good intentions. During the execution of the rituals we are not subjected to any evil power, nor on the deterioration of the current situation. This guarantee only positive results. From the point of view of many religions don’t do evil, but we make our lives better. We’re completely safe, do not be afraid, therefore, to reach jinx, a tool that will make us better people, free from bad energy.

The ritual of Candles is not associated with the cult of evil, the practice of black magic or Satanism. Has nothing to do with ciemiężeniem yourself or other people or beings. With its help it is possible not to do harm, and only block the bad intentions of others who want to hurt us people.

Thirdly, a unique work

In the basic properties 121 include: the cleaning power of the aura and free from bad luck and clearing hexes, curses and charms. In addition, adds a unique vitality and makes us better people. Another its feature is the fact that protects from attacks of evil forces and helps to find harmony, balance and joy of life. Moreover – it protects us and our loved ones from attack of evil forces and a positive effect on mood.

Fourth – shipping is discrete and security

Each product is Packed in a special box, protective, and appropriately protected. This ensures that the cargo will not be damaged, and your order will arrive safe and sound. In addition, we have confidence that the parcel will arrive directly in our hands, not someone undesirable. The goods will be Packed in a very discreet, so nobody will know what is contained inside. So if you are afraid of the opinions of relatives or neighbors, you can feel completely safe and comfortable.

Forms of payment adapted to the needs of the client, so you can choose the method that is most convenient for You and high.

Usage is simple, however, you must perform all actions in the correct sequence. Take your time, relax, go for it.

In the beginning prepare accordingly for the ritual. Prepare a small saucer. Turn off your phone and other devices that can distract You e.g. computer, TV, radio. Then remove the floor carpets and carpet. Avoid rooms in which the floor tiles, linoleum or carpet. Better panels or parquet.

Close tightly all Windows to the room gloom prevailed. This is extremely important because this will allow you to carefully observe the flame. Appropriately focus your thoughts and Your mind and body will be focused around a single subject.

How to perform the ritual?

  1. Sit back on the floor – naked, free from carpets, curtains, blankets or pillows. Be as close as possible to the ground.

  2. Set the candle on the mirror stand in the center of the room. Fill a small saucer with water and set it near the candle. Water to worry ritual power.

  3. Accounts light the candle and say three times the formula of a spell. The candle should burn evenly, quickly and without interference. In any case, it is not wilderness.

  4. Close your eyes, breathe deeply. When You manage to reach a state of calm and focused, think about the purpose of the ritual. Try to visually imagine a state of happiness to which you aspire.

  5. These hand warmers for candles. Then massage collected heat in face and spread his energy, as well as the cream, which must absorb.

  6. Burn all the black part of the candle. Let along with it will burn all the evil, misery and suffering that still nawiedzało in your life. Then quench it with a previously prepared saucers of water.

More detailed recommendations you will get along with the ordered package 121.

Expert opinion about 121

 I’m a fairy for over 30 years. In my profession very important authenticity and sincerity. I do everything over the fate which pregnancy bad energy and bad luck. I’m trying to get them a harmony of soul and body. Some time ago I learned the secret 121. I never recommend to my clients the product that I tested personally. After the ritual Burning of retroactivity but my personal life has improved, and I realized that my life was haunted by an evil aura. I began to have more clients, has improved my financial situation. Since then recommend to all customers 121, and they returned with gratitude. Never met with refusals or negative opinions. The predictions that I have for my clients are better still. This is a huge change that I owe and I, and they power 121. – Fairy Waist, 58 years

Customer testimonials about Repellent Magic Formula

After namowie friend ordered 121. It was a shot in the bullseye. All unpleasant things are gone, felt a sudden rush of positive energy. My relationship with my husband has improved, although more recently I thought that our marriage will cease to exist. Now we’re both second youth. In the work I am successful, I got a promotion, which I fought for many years. It’s amazing how life can change thanks to the extraordinary power of ritual candles. – Edith, 52, Kazan

Until recently in my life was accompanied by a series of misfortunes. I lost someone close to me, I began to hurt, and my finances were on the verge of despair. I felt like someone put me under a spell. I decided to take advantage of white magic and turn your fate. I ordered 121, which arrived at the auto box in my hands. I held a ritual, in accordance with the readings, and since then my life is back on track. I’m finally happy, I don’t need to worry about costs, and my condition has improved. Richard, 47 years old, Krasnoyarsk

I’m a young man that in my environment it is difficult to talk about magic, fairies or rituals. I found information on white magic, or rather 121 and the Candle reversal. I decided to order it because I read only positive reviews on the forums. The price was not outrageous, just right for a student pocket. The package came discreetly packaged, safe and sound. I was a little afraid that will not work and that I threw money away. But the effect passed my expectations. I found understanding among friends and relatives, I got the job. I finished the semester without any corrections, and even found love. All thanks to this unusual candle. Changed my life. Now I recommend it to everyone and I know that although sometimes laugh with others, and later sneak podpytują on its operation, and deciding on a purchase. – Natalia, 23 years, Moscow

Should you use a candle inverted action 121? Our opinion

121-this is an incredible opportunity to improve the current situation. Thus, if you have the impression that still haunts You luck, but Your life is not a bed of roses, you should stop worrying. White magic for a ritual Burning should Reverse Actions can only improve the quality of life, never do anything wrong. You should order this product and be sure in their own skin. Don’t get more bad knowledge and cases that will surround You good aura. Numerous reviews of satisfied customers and the recommendations of internationally renowned experts, do confidently recommend this product and we recommend you purchase. Let Your life … happiness!


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